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Most frequently asked questions

No. Advertising banner is not placed on any car presented for rent.

Yes, it is possible to rent a car if we have a car in our rental car fleet. It is recommended that you take advantage of the online rental process service to prepare the documents in a short time without wasting time and to pick up the car you booked at the time of your application.

No, our company does not have special strict rules in this regard. So, you must return the rental car with the same amount of gasoline as it is provided to you.

The minimum rental period of cars is 2 days. If you want the rental to be shorter, you can also book. However, at this time, 2 payments will be calculated according to the procedure provided for 2 days.

If the rented car is not delivered on time, you have to pay 50% of the day up to half a day, and up to 100% of the day after half a day.

Yes, by applying to our company, you can take advantage of short-term car rental as well as long-term car rental. At this time, the prices are determined individually. It is enough to contact us to get acquainted with price offers in the form that suits your requirements.

Yes. You can use our rental cars within the country with your driver's license issued within the framework of international standards.

Casco insurance is available for every car offered by our company. If your innocence is proven as a result of the incident, then the insurance takes over the responsibility. Otherwise, that is, if you are the guilty party, in this case the deposit is not kept, it is lost in the amount of damage, and the remaining payments are made with insurance. In all cases, you must follow the stated insurance conditions to use the insurance.

You must return the rented car on the basis of the document presented to you at the time of delivery. Also, if the car gets dirty, then you have to pay a wash fee. Additional possibilities have been created by our company for cleaning cars nearby.

There is no special requirement for this. So, you can return the car you have rented at any place that suits you. For this, you need to contact the manager first. Please note that delivery and return charges may vary depending on distance.

Customer must be at least 23 years old. Also, 2 years of driving experience is required.

Yes, you just need to contact our manager.

Yes, if the driver's age and driving experience meet the conditions, you can get a ticket for that driver by mentioning the name of the second driver in the contract.

Our company, which always ensures the satisfaction of our customers, immediately eliminates this problem in case of a malfunction in the car.

You have the right to drive the rented car in the territory of Azerbaijan.

Each of the rented cars is insured against theft by our company. If a theft occurs, you should immediately inform the police, report the theft, and definitely contact us . Please note that in case of theft, you must return the documents and keys of the rented car to us. Otherwise, the insurance will not cover the theft.